A Christmas Carol

About this night…!

I have to brag about this little Christmas party a little bit. I think it deserves to be talked about. The details that went into every aspect of this party were spectacular!

When I drove up to this beautiful home at night with all the Christmas lights on and the six or so valet guys waiting outside to park my car I knew this was going to be a night to remember…! As I stood in front of the home and took a breath I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this gorgeously decorated home while hearing the sound of the Christmas Carolers standing outside the house was just so sweet! I just new this was going to be a fun night for me!

When you entered the house you were Serenaded by the beautiful sound of the violinist playing at the top of the staircase. There were three Christmas trees in total in the home. The first tree was the tallest one in the open foyer at the entrance of the home. The second tree was in the family room next to the beautiful open kitchen where the chefs were bustling around to cook the most delicious smelling food. Oh, If I were to count the two Pomegranate tree shaped trees that were in the middle of the kitchen Island then I guess that would be five trees total :)

As the night progressed I started to take pictures of all the details of all things pretty and then just thanked God for changing my career path…! I’m a lucky girl!

Yanira ScaliseComment