Hello! I'm Yanira a wife and mother of two beautiful, and extremely bright boys. I left my job in the medical field as a surgical technologist in Plastic surgery to pursue my passion in art and photography, which turned out beautifully for me because I get to be home more with my children. 

   I started my photography business in 2012 and since then I have never looked back. It keeps growing every year and that makes me so happy! I feel very lucky to have found my calling in my mid 30"s :)

"I Feel Very Lucky To Be Doing What I Love!"

Meet the Artist

My Philosophy:

"kind people are my kinda people"
I believe in treating others how you would like to be treated.
 I believe in miracles!
I have Faith in God!
God and my family are #1 in my world. Being a mother to my boys brings me so much joy!
We are constantly learning constantly evolving.... When you think you know everything you know nothing.

I love to travel and see new places, I appreciate architecture and history. I recently traveled to Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome.

I love me a good latte! I have coffee every morning sometimes 2 cups... Favorite coffee is Stumptown and Freeze dried coffee for instant! 

Hot Yoga makes me feel so good!  I would much rather spend time on a yoga mat than getting yelled at in a boot camp or in spin. It's just more my thing...!

Sunsets and Sunrises I believe are Gods gift! A gift of seeing a glimpse of heaven for a few minutes...!